Yep, back with our 13th issue and our 3rd year in publication! Let me just say that it has been a tough three years, and even though we haven't always been consistent with deadlines, it's still been fun and hope you all will still be with us! I have recently found a few back issues through massive searches through my disk library, if anyone else can help me locate earlier issues, please drop me a line email or snail!

The greatest news I can bring to you is now we have RealAudio online! For those of you who aren't familiar with this little gem of a program, it will now allow us to give you a greater selection of musical files to listen to, and the best part of all is we can offer you longer music time and shorter file size! To give you an example: a 1 minute 30 second clip of a song, BEFORE any sort of file compression (saved in .wav format) is about 2.5 megs long! That SAME file, compressed in our old vocpack utility file was about 1.3 or 1.4 meg long, sometimes 1.7 or 1.8 depending on the type of music. NOW, this file is an unbelievable 160k! That's right, roughly 1/7th of a meg! You should see about 30-40 music files online, with hopefully 2 from each band we do! This, as we said, is an exciting feature for us and we know you'll want to check out all the sound files from ALL our bands, since the file size is so small! It makes downloading time virtually nonexistent, especially for those of you with modems slower than 28.8!

One other thing before we give you addresses and what not. We have a few new features this time around, due to a number of requests we are now giving point ratings for our reviews. That's right, from now on our reviews get ratings based on a 0-100 scale. We thought this would be great for people to see how we match up compared to other reviewers. And finally, I would like to introduce you all to Chris, our newest V.O.D. member who will be helping me take up the slack on doing reviews! Issue #13 promises to be our biggest and best yet, with more exciting things to come! Look at our web page address for all those sound files and back issues. The address is:

Send yer stuff (bios, reviews, interviews, whatever!) to:

Vibrations of Doom Magazine
c/o Steven Cannon
1133 East 53rd Street
Savannah, Georgia 31404 USA

Contact us via email at: OR <---- this is a new one.

Bye the weigh, please note that Chris and I both have different standards and ideas about how to rate the CD's, so our numerical ratings may not be a reflection of each other. In other words, his rating are his and mine are mine! And in case yer wondering, it's not like grade school, A-F style. 0 is awful, 100 is perfect, and 50 is somewhat inbetween. You should be able to figure the rest out.

Let's dew it!