"That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomes the height of wisdom in the next." -- John Stuart Mill

This has been a very crazy and hectic few months! We lost our entire web site (see the end of the magazine for details) and gained a new one! The digitized videos won't be going up, unfortunately, but the classic albums section is alive and kicking! Many have already written to us telling us what a great section this is, and though the soundfiles can only be a maximum of 3 minutes 10 seconds in length, this give ample opportunity for those of you to hear bands you might otherwise never had a chance to hear! Those out of print and rare classics are now up! The web site, incidentally, is now being designed and run totally by myself, so there will be no more unnecessary delays in putting issues out. So, with that in mind, here's all the relevant info you need to stay in touch as we bring about more exciting changes to the 'zine:

Vibrations of Doom Magazine
c/o Steven Cannon
1133 East 53rd Street
Savannah, Georgia 31404 USA

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Before I go, I wanted to clarify something to the readers. Some of you have asked me just HOW I come up with the numerical rating system I use. In the most simplest of forms, it breaks down to something like this:

100 - A true masterpiece! This will stand the test of time...
75 - A good record, one that you'll spin for more than a few songs...
50 - A bit average, nothing great but nothing terribly awful either...
25 - Damn! Quite poor, maybe this CD would have one or two good songs but that's probably about it...
0 - Not even as a coaster would this CD have any value whatsoever!

Now I do use a grading scale like, okay 10 songs, 9 are good, so a 90. Well, while I try to get the points close, I go with more of a feeling. So if mathematically the album is a 95 but I feel it's more of a 92, then I go with that. I do find it difficult to grade an artists's hard work strictly by the numbers...

As a late note, this entire magazine is dedicated and lovingly crafted in honorable memory of Jasmine, who passed away April 12th. Those who knew her knew of her as a very loving and adored cat who brightened up the worst of my days and who has torn apart my heart by her passing.