Welp, welcome back to yet another music filled "installment" of the 'zine. For those of you who have been reading, thanks for the support and thanks for all the help. Special thanks go out to the crews at Taang! Records, Roughage, Metal Blade (especially Marco, thanks for the Diamond Head cassettes!), Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Def Jam, Columbia, Roadrunner/Third Mind, and all the other demo bands and especially to Dane Kurth for keeping me informed as to what Running Wild and X-Wild are doing these days. In case you missed the numbers last issue, you can download the magazine from the E-Pages bulletin board system here in the United States at 1-912-927-4825 and 1-912-927-6428. This is a slight change from the last issue, as the two lines above are for low speed callers. High speed callers (9600 baud and above) can use the 1-912-927-4857 number instead.

Well, with the year 1993 gone and the year 1994 coming in full force, we have some VERY exciting news for all of you: We now have a CD-ROM drive online! So, you say, what is the point? Well, you are now able to hear new music from bands while you're online to the bulletin boards! That's right, when you call the E-Pages BBS to download the magazine, there will be several files saved in WAV format that you can download and listen to with MCS Stereo, Windows, or any other WAV player! And, I am told that WAV files can be used with Amigas, IBM's, and even Macintoshes! Already up are clips from songs by Candy Machine, Kyuss, and 3 from bands on the Heralds of Oblivion CD! So go grab 'em, they are in the IBM music/art sub!

Sorry for the 1 1/2 month delay getting the third issue out, but there were serious problems with our hard drive and printer. That coupled with the fact that I had no interviews last issue really messed things up. BUT, we are most definitely back on track, and I'd love to hear what ya have to say! SO: Send me your letters, reviews, bio's, etc. OR, if you DON'T have a computer but want to read the magazine anyway, drop me a line at:

Vibrations of Doom magazine
c/o Steven Cannon
1133 East 53rd Street
Savannah, GA USA 31404.

And now, on to the 'zine!