Well, its time yet for another issue! As you can tell, we have moved from a bimonthly publication to a trimonthly publication. This was done so that we could meet our deadlines better. Also, we have a compression utility for compressing .WAV files down. So, grab some of these files and hear what the new bands sound like!

This issue, we're trying to expand things a bit. We now have stuff coming in from overseas, so it will be a lot easier for us to have stuff to review and print. Just keep in touch and you'll know what's going on when we do!

Below are listed the bulletin boards that we have the magazine on. Find one nearest you, and grab it!

E-Pages BBS: Savannah, GA USA Line #1 1-912-927-4825
Line #2 1-912-927-6428
Line #3 1-912-927-4857 (high speed only 9600-)

The Butcher Shop: Savannah, GA USA 1-912-353-9724
Antanisoft BBS: Rome, Italy Line #1 +39-6-541-3311 (16.8k)
Line #2 +39-6-512-2051 (14.4k HST)
Rush Hour BBS: Iowa, USA 1-319-568-6370
Futurelink BBS: Savannah, GA 1-912-355-1516

If you have Telnet access, which should be easy to get, we are also based on several of the Freenet BBS's. We have an active account on the Denver, Colorado freenet, my E-mail address there is The 'zine can be mailed to your Internet address, wherever it may be. Be sure and leave me mail first saying you want a copy of the magazine! More details on how to activate an account on Freenet boards will also be given later on.

As you can see, this is quite an extensive list, considering also the fact that we now have an America Online account as well. We'll be updating this list constantly as we add new support boards.

WOW! It's hard to believe, but by the time this magazine hits, we will have celebrated our first anniversary! That's right, this little magazine has been around for a whole year! I haven't REALLY thought about what I'm going to do to celebrate, but when I do I'll let you all know! One thing I DO know, is this time last year I received the new Skrew, Cannibal Corpse, and GWAR CD's, and look what Metal Blade gave us THIS issus to review? The same three bands all have new releases out this month!

We are now taking out ad space in our magazine for anyone interested. As much as I hate to charge for ads (they have always been free in the past) it is a necessity. We are currently charging $30 US dollars for 7 lines of text, and we will also give you an internet ad for a mere $45 US dollars once we get the internet address all set up. The Internet ads will be full page; 24 lines of 80 column text.

Special thanks go out to Joe Glessner, the DJ at one of our newest clubs here in Savannah called Netherworld (he wrote some reviews this issue), to the many fine labels who support us, namely Paula at Century Media, Tunji at We Bite Records, all the publicists at CBS/Columbia, Kathy at Geffen Records, Scott and crew at Energy, Carlos at Roadrunner, Jodi at Elektra Records, Keith and crew at Relapse/Nuclear Blast, Steve and company at Nasty Little Man/Earache/Seed Records, Susan at Griffin Records, and all the other labels we work with, such as Cleopatra, Hollywood, and especially the overseas labels who have taken an interest in our publication, like Moribund Records, Morbid Records, Hypertonia World Enterprises, Energy Rekords, and a host of others. Thanks also to Brian Tawn of the Hawkwind fan club known as The Kadu Flyer, and everyone else in the scene. Also many thanks to those who indirectly gave me some help; such as Larry, (the OTHER DJ at Escapades) John Bergin of Trust Obey for the info on Malhavoc, and anyone else I forgot. Anyway, enough rambling, on to the 'zine!