Welcome back! Yes, this little publication is now a three month rag, give or take a few weeks. Actually, the actual release date will depend on the completion of certain deadlines, not the least of which being interviews.

Don't forget, if you have an Internet account, you can get your own copy of Vibrations of Doom mailed right to your computer! The address here is And while I don't live in Colorado, I do have access to their freenet board. If you want to send me stuff, my snail mail address is:

Vibrations of Doom magazine
c/o Steven Cannon
1133 East 53rd Street
Savannah, GA 31404 USA

I am unable to mail out digitized samples to users over the Internet, mainly due to the fact that most samples are well over 300k and take forever at 1200 baud. Yes, I do have 2400 baud but the local Peachnet servers only handle 1200 baud. In case some of you are lost, basically, they only support slow modems. The only place right now where digitized samples can be found is the E-Pages BBS. The numbers for the E-pages BBS are: Line 1 (912)-927-4857 High speed port, Line 2 (912)-927-4825, Line 3 (912)-927-6428 and they also have a new line (912)-927-6807.

Special thanks list is found at the end of this 'zine.

We are trying to get Telnet access so that we can network with many systems, one of these being the Cyberden BBS out in California. Unfortunately, it costs $50 US per year, so we need your help! We are currently accepting donations, please send to the address above. We want to thank you for your support, and all contributions will be used to help support the magazine. Once we have telnet access (which will be obtained through the Prairienet freenet) we may be able to offer digitized sound files to a greater area other than the E-pages BBS.

We still need your letters, comments, concert reviews, and whatever else you can send us. (I get tired of doing all the writing myself.) So, mail us yer info at the Email address above, or drop us a line! We can't do a letters page if we don't get no damn letters!