WHAT'S NEW... So you'll know what I did to de site and when

This page will keep ya informed as to what I added or deleted from the site and when. It's not gonna be an everyday thing tho...


  • And another classic albums update! Two full lengths tonite, from FIFTH ANGEL "Fifth Angel" and Italy's RISING POWER "The Rock Is Never Ending." The lone EP completes the 80's metal titles for DARXON with "Tokyo." A NWOBHM 7 inch from PANZA DIVISION "We'll Rock The World" and a 1979 rarity: a 2 song 7 inch release from Germany's LOOSE CONNECTION "Time To Fight." Enjoy!

  • FIVE new classic album titles today, a few celebrate metal from the 70's! Longplayers from HEADCRASHER "Nothing Will Remain," and 1974's BUFFALO (from Australia) "Volcanic Rock."
  • Two 7 inch releases today: SWEET REVENGE "Hawks Of Cairo" and UNDERDOG (U.K.) "Blue Water, White Death" from 1979! The lone EP belongs to IRONHEART "Running Away."

  • Another classic albums update for tonite! Two long players, from Austria, NO BROS "Calvary Of Evil" and Germany's FORTUNER "Two Sides Of The Metal." A few EP's tonite, Italy's EVERSOR "The Cataclysm" and Germany again for RED COAST "Bad Boys To Rock." Our lone 7 inch? Germany again, the band AGENT ORANGE "Coming Down Just For You." Nope, NOT the surf/skate punk Agent Orange band!!!

  • Our first update of 2017!! Five new titles in the classics tonite...
  • Two longplayers, one from the U.K.: MAMMOTH "Mammoth" and from the U.S. BLACK SPOT "Flaps Down." Two EP's tonite as well, with IRONCHRIST "Ironchrist" and PARADOX "Reel Life."
  • Our lone 7 inch comes from Finland, the oddly named ZWANZIGER "Studied To Be Civilized." Enjoy!

  • Added five new titles tonite... Two EP's from JEWEL from Japan "For Heavy Metal Fans Only!" and TYRANT from New Zealand with "Breaking Out." A 7 inch from CHALICE "Take It Away," and our two longplayers tonite are from WILD CAT "Love Attack" and ANGEL WITCH "Angel Witch." Enjoy!!!

  • Another classic albums update today! Two longplayers, France's VITRIOL "The Beginning" and MEDIEVAL "Medieval Kills!" We've got three EP's as well, BASHFUL "Bashful," HARLET "Virgin Wings," and finally, ROC LOCHNER "Roc Lochner." Enjoy!

  • Yeah, updates seem few and far between... Regardless, there's a classic albums update tonite...
  • Two longplayers, JACKIE WULF "Metal Wings" and STILLBORN "Necrospirituals." Everybody's favorite genre of metal (NWOBHM) gets represented with the lone 7 inch from AURORA "I'll Be Your Fantasy.
  • And finally, two EP's tonite: the rather unknown PHERNALIA "Right To Life" and the just as unknown WYNCH "Bad Manners." Hope ya like 'em!

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We bring you our first classic albums update of 2016...
  • Three longplayers tonite: FIRST OFFENCE "First Offence" from the U.K., HOLY TERROR "Mind Wars," and DOMAIN "Sanctuary," a rarity from the U.S.! EP tonite from Sweden's BURN "Still Going... Wrong!" and 7 inch from Sweden as well: TORSTEN "King Of The Nest."

  • Wow, has it been a month since we unleashed issue #56? Yeah! Five new classic album titles tonite...
  • Three longplayers tonite: OUTRAGE "Black Clouds," RESTLESS "We Rock The Nation," and PRIMAL SCREAM "Volume One." The two EP's? Japan's WOLF "Wolf" and from Canada ANESTHESIA "Eight Balls." Injoy...

  • ISSUE #56 FINALLY UNLEASHED. Yeah, it seems like we're doing an issue a year. Yes, we are looking to try and change that. Right now just enjoy this labor of love, which I am very proud of.
  • All soundfiles for this issue have been checked and verified... Go forth and discover!!

  • And another 5 titles added to the classic albums archives. Two full lengths from GOD B.C. "Eargasms In Eden" and DESIRE "Cry At The Sky." Two 7 inch releases from NATARAJ "Prophecy" and HAZARDOUS WASTE "Danger Zone." Our lone EP tonite comes from Norway's own BLACK ANGELS "On The Run."
  • Don't forget, this Sunday on DOOM Radio you can hear a few of these cuts being played on our 2 hour show!

  • Five new titles added on Independence Day here in the States! Three long players, PARANOIA from Japan with "Come From Behind," Melodic metal from Gibraltar with ORACLE "Oracle," and VERY rare from the U.S. WITCH "Salem's Rise." The Two EP's? CROM from Finland with "Earth Queen" and KRONEN with their "Wasted" EP...
FRIDAY, MAY 15TH, 2015

  • A new classic albums update tonite! Three longplayers from RHOADS "Into The Future" (Vocalist is the late Randy Rhoads' brother), ANACRUSIS "Suffering Hour" and DEAD MAN'S FUN "Dead Man's Fun." Two EP's tonite from THE MEZMERIST "The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty," and from Australia, BENGAL TIGERS "Metal Fetish." Enjoy!
  • We are going to redo a few sections of the website soon... First up you may notice a slight change to the classic albums index page. No longer is the donation information being displayed, as donations have all but ceased. Other changes, slight though they may be, will be forthcoming...

  • FIVE new classic albums titles tonite: Three longplayers, GENOCIDE "Too Long," SKANNERS "Dirty Armada," and WINGED MESSENGER "Guardians Of Eternity." An EP from KING'S RANSOM "Curators Of The Realm," and the lone 7 inch from punk/metal hybrid CANNIBAL "Tryin'".

  • And our first update of 2015 starts off with five new titles in the classic albums archives tonite: Longplayers from ANGEL WITCH "Screamin' 'N' Bleedin'," and BLIND VENGEANCE "Taste Of Sin." A few EP's, one from the famous HEAVY LOAD "Metal Conquest" and an unknown MACH 1 "Mach 1." Our lone 7 inch from EXOCET "Stalemate." Enjoy!!!

  • YES, a nice christmas present for you: FIVE NEW TITLES in the classic albums archives! GATOR "Gator," SPEED LIMIT "Unchained," NIGHTCHILD "Remember The Faithful," QUASY MODO "Quasy Modo" and FACTORY "You Are The Music."
  • You didn't think Vibrations Of Doom would forget to bring you something good for xmas did ya?

  • Five brand new titles in the classic albums section! Full lengths from BELLICOSE "Love On Ice," SABOTAGE (Italy) "Hoka Hey," and KAOS "Hoka Hey." 7 inch from AIR-RAID "Nightmare" and an EP WOMBAT "Wombat." Enjoy!

  • That twice a year event is HERE NOW: ISSUE #55 FINALLY UNLEASHED!! After a lengthy wait, and unfortunately an issue I'm not as satisfied with as other issues, it's out! Enjoy the interviews and soundfiles; all correct and 100% working! Lemme know if you come across any major errors! Thanks again for your help and support!!!

  • And it's time for 5 new classic album titles today... A 7 inch from right here in the U.S.: QUASIMODO "Down And Out." Longplayers from HEKTOR "The Inner Dementia" (Polish 80's thrash!), GEISHA "Phantasmagoria" (Danish metal), and THE BROOD "The Brood," who later changed their name to Uncle Slam and featured many members from Suicidal Tendencies. The lone EP is Swedish metal band BLIZZARD "Fading Away." Enjoy!

  • And five new titles go into the classic albums archives today! And a historic first: The letter "Y" FINALLY gets it's first title!
  • Added today: Two longplayers - STEEL CROWN "Sunset Warriors" and ATTOMICA "Limits Of Insanity." An EP from Canada's MYSTIQUE "Black Rider" and the two 7 inches from YUMA "Hey You" and INFRARED "Metal To Metal"

  • Five new titles in the classic albums archives tonite! Three longplayers, EXECUTIONER "Break The Silence," TAURUS "Pornography," and BLOODY CLIMAX "Back To The Wall" (Along with ever missing 9th track 'No Paragon!' Thanks to Karthago Records for supplying us with the remastered version and finally the album is complete!)
  • Two EP's tonite are C.I.A. "Central Intelligence Agency," and VICIOUS CIRCLE "Take It." The song 'Down The Highway' from the "Take It" release would later be found on the band GHANDI'S "Destruction Forever" album, as a few ex-V.C. members would go on to form Ghandi....

  • And so there's five new titles in the classic albums archives tonite. Two 7 inches from STEEL ARROWS "Loud Guitars," and NIGHTREAPER "Heroes Die Young." Full lengths tonite from WICCA "Splended Deed," ARMADA "Frontline," and INVADER "Children Of War."
  • INVADER'S "Children Of War" was a title I had been looking for for a long time; most copies I had were in really poor condition and uncleanable.
  • WICCA'S "Splended Deed" was another story. We had a few vinyl copies and then Nerbilous Productions (out of South Korea of all places!) sent us a remastered CD version that they released on their label. However, there was still a bit of vinly noise that needed to be cleaned, so we did the honors...

  • That's right, our FIRST classic albums update of 2014 features 5 new titles that put us over the 1500 titles mark!!!
  • Two EP's/7 inches from GOBRA "Behind The Deadzone" and Ireland's PREDATOR "Predator." Three full lengths include Italy's VANADIUM "Born To Fight," Canada's THOR "Only The Strong" (a TRUE classic in every sense of the word), and one of the rarest of the rare: BLACK DRAGON "Heavy Metal Intoxication!" WOW...

  • JUST in time for the last month of 2013 (I guess we're on a twice a year publishing schedule):
  • ISSUE #54 IS FINALLY UNLEASHED! Go and check this out, it's got some heavy hitters this time around, and several newcomers!!! Hopefully the next one will be in EARLY 2014!!

  • What, another classic albums update already?!? Yeah, twice in one month we bring ya FIVE new titles: Longplayers tonite from WILD DOGS "Wild Dogs," Canada's ADVERSITY "Lost It All," and a great rare German melodic metal masterpiece: STONED AGE "Rockgasm." Two EP's tonite: INTRUDER "Krush, Kill, Destroy," and a very unknown, weird EP from DARK AGES "Medieval Sorcery." We had to clean up the sound quite a bit on this last one, but we made it presentable!! Go check out DOOM Radio where we played some cuts from these gems! (the show will be up for 3 weeks)

  • WOW, where has the year gone? How about 5 new titles to the classic albums archives!? An EP from TAIPAN "1770," and one from IVORY GATE "New Frontier." Long players tonite from CRISIS "Kick It Out," FORCE "Set Me Free... From This Pain Inside My Head," and finally, if you thought Karl Agell was somewhat of a newcomer when he first joined Corrosion Of Conformity for their Blind album in the early 90's, SCHOOL OF VIOLENCE "We The People...?" is the band/album he first appeared on!

  • Late night work! We often times don't include re-encodings in the classic albums archives to this lengthy list of site updates... However, we thought we would this once... Newly re-encoded classic album titles from BLACK SHEPHERD, BLADE RUNNER, CRISIS, DESTROYER (U.S.), HEATHEN, HELLRAZER, MALIBU BARBI, MALLET-HEAD, OMEN, PARADOX, PARALEX, RIGOR MORTIS, TYRAN PACE and VIPER. There ya go!

  • After NINE MONTHS without any new classic albums titles, we finally give ya 5: Two full lengths: SINNER "Touch Of Sin" and PESTILENCE "Consuming Impulse." EP's & 7 inches dominate tonite: RAFF from Italy with their "Raff" EP, and a very rare 7 inch from the States: HIGH VOLTAGE "Blazing Rock." The other 7 inch from NWOBHM band TRIDENT "Destiny." Gonna try and get more up there soon!!!

  • WOW, has it REALLY been like 4 months since we updated the what's new page? Well, some good news...
  • ISSUE #53 IS FINALLY OUT!!!At least it didn't take a whole year to get it out, but we waited until we had enough interviews to finalize it. Lots of 80's metal interviews in this issue, including those with Raven, Sword, Coven, and the metro Atlanta 80's band Necropolis!
  • All soundfiles are complete and finalized, so go listen to what we're reviewing!!!

  • We thought we'd break the silence in here and tell ya about some newly re-encoded classic albums titles tonite! We re-encoded albums from ALIAS, BROCAS HELM, BLACK TEARS, CROSSBONES, DRIVE, DWARR, BLACK KNIGHT, MARTYR, NOTHING SACRED, RUN AFTER TO, SAVAGERS, STEEL VENGEANCE, TSA, TALION, U8, and UNREAL TERROR. We've completely remastered many of these from scratch and you should be able to hear how much better they sound in the new RealAudio format...
  • Still trying to complete issue #53 by the year's end... Interviews are coming along slowly, so far we've completed ones with Raven, Coven, and Sword. Sadly, that's as far as we've gotten, though we're waiting to hear back from about 3 other bands... Moe info on our facebook page, so PLEASE keep up with us there...

  • You DO know we still have a weekly online radio show, right? Episode 280 coming this Sunday... So there...
  • O yeah, FIVE NEW TITLES added to the classic albums section tonite! And the way we usually do things: Three full lengths, ANTITESE "Antitese," NINJA (GER) "Invincible," and BLACK ALICE "Sons Of Steel," the soundtrack to a sci-fi movie from Australia that members of the band starred in and wrote all the music for! O yeah, and the two EP's tonite: IZOD "Overdrive" and WITCHCRAFT "Runnin' Away!" Don't let the harmonicas fool you on the Witchcraft release, as this band would later turn into the outfit known as BLOODY SIX!!! More to come soon!
  • And if u haven't kept up with our facebook page, we have been re-encoding a TON of classic albums in the better quality RealAudio format. Stuff like ANIHILATED, BLIND FURY, COVEN, FUTURE TENSE, GRAVESTONE, HELSTAR, METALSTORM, MORTAL SIN, MYTHRA, SACRIFICE (JAP), STEEL ANGEL, SQUEALER, TANK, TALON, TARGET, VETO, WITCHCROSS, CLOVEN HOOF, DEVASTATION, MYSTERY, XYSTER, SPARTAN WARRIOR, SNOW, SAINTS ANGER, RAVEN BITCH, PROTECTOR, CHARIOT, HEXX, MEDIEVAL STEEL, MIDAS TOUCH, NYTEMARE, PROPHETS OF DOOM, GOTHAM CITY... Well, as you can see, a TON and we're not even close to being done yet! Many of these titles being re-cleaned and re-mastered yet a second time!!!

  • I know we don't update this site much except when there's new issues or new classic albums, but we updated a BUNCH of classic album titles tonight in their newly re-encoded higher audio bitrate tonight... We put up for you titles from Coven, Veto, Witch Cross, Anihilated, Blind Fury, Future Tense, Gravestone, Metalstorm, Mortal Sin, Target, Tank, Talon, Steel Angel, Squealer, Sacrifice (JAP), Mythra, and more!! Go check 'em out!!

  • A nice classic albums update tonite! Two 7 inch releases, REINCARNATE "Take It Or Leave It" and U.S. based MYTH "Metal To The Pedal." The others are full lengths, from U.S. based TEMPEST "A Coming Storm," JADE "Teasing Eyes," and KILLER ELITE "Mad As Hell." Enjoy!
  • On a side note, the KILLER ELITE title was a little rough but we cleaned it up as best we could...

  • After a massive 5 to 6 month delay, it's finally here...
  • ISSUE #52 IS FINALLY OUT! All respective soundfiles for this massive issue have been checked and tested! PLEASE enjoy the new RealAudio codecs for the bands we're reviewing... Leave feedback, etc! Thanks.

  • FIVE new titles in the classic albums section! Two of them are band names you've heard of, but NOT the bands that you think they are! NEVERMORE (From New York) "Nevermore" and BLITZKRIEG (U.S.) "Ready For Action." Also up: HOLLAND "Little Monsters," PALASS "Queen Of The World" and a NWOBHM title: ANTHEM "England." Enjoy. Expect issue #52 very soon!

  • We got us a new quad core system for the magazine this past week, and transferring albums and what not took a long time. Regardless of that fact:
  • FIVE NEW TITLES on the site today. Some of them being played on today's radio show! Full lengths from SABOTAGE (U.S.) "Cloudborne," JADE "If You're Man Enough" and KNIGHTMARE "Mindless Mayhem." Two EP's from JAG PANZER "Tyrants" and RAMMPAGE "Rammpage Debut EP." Enjoy!

  • And on this first day of March, FIVE new titles to the classic albums archives! Interesting ones here: INHERENT SIN "Children Of The Night" and TAIPAN "Taipan" rounding out the EP's, ASMODINA "Headbanger" which is somewhat of a full length, and the only 80's metal band from South Africa that I know of: BLACK ROSE "Live By It." The final title? The mighty HEAVY LOAD "Full Speed At High Level," which goes all the way back to 1978!! Enjoy!
  • More titles we have in the works ready to go in the classic albums archives: ANTHEM "England," IZOD "Overdrive," IVORY GATE "New Frontier," HEAVY LOAD "Metal Conquest," INFRARED "Metal To Metal," HIGH VOLTAGE "Blazing Rock," HOLLAND "Little Monsters," PALASS "Queen Of The World," BLITZKRIEG "Ready For Action," BLACK ALICE "Sons Of Steel," BASHFUL "Bashful," REINCARNATE "Take It Or Leave It," RAFF "Raff," KILLER ELITE "Mad As Hell," KNIGHTMARE "Mindless Mayhem," RAMMPAGE "Rammpage Debut EP," SABOTAGE "Cloudborne," MATRIX "Monkey See, Monkey Do," NIGHTCHILD "Remember The Faithful," NIGHTREAPER "Heroes Die Young," NEVERMORE "Nevermore" EP, NINJA "Invincible" and SO much more! Stay tuned!
  • One more update: For issue #52 we so far have interviews done with Mythic, Orchid, Sarcofagus, R.A.F., Demonic Death Judge, and we hope to be able to salvage the Satan's Host interview we did some time ago before the hard drive crashed! We're still working, though, to get issue #52 out by March's end!

  • FIVE more titles this day: DARXON "No Thrills," MANIAC "Maniac," JACKAL "Cry Of The Jackal" (somewhat of a full length), and FISC "Too Hot For Love" making up the full lengths. The lone 7 inch from Ireland of all places: PURPLE HAZE "Hear It On The Radio." Enjoy it in the newly re-encoded RealAudio format!

  • And the first classic albums update of 2012! Five really rare and great titles tonite: Two 7 inches: KNIGHTMARE II "Warlord" and BRIAR "Rainbow To The Skies." Full length albums are the real rarity tonight tho: TEMPERED STEEL "Precious Metal," RECIDIVE "Demon Queen," and your last one, SPA "Stars Poked Away." Enjoy!
  • The SPA album "Stars Poked Away" was a bit difficult to work. The sound quality wasn't the best to start with, but we think we've managed to make it sound better than most of the scratchy vinyl copies floating around. Questions arose as to whether the band name was S.P.A., just SPA or Stars Poked Away. Well, we try to go by what we see on the album cover, and there were no periods before the letters... Until we find out differently, we believe the band name is SPA... Anyone with scans of the actual vinyl or back cover, PLEASE send them our way!!! We try to be as accurate and close to the vinyl as possible!

  • FIVE more titles before the end of 2011!! Longplayers tonite from MANIAC "Look Out," WISE MAN "First Warning" and HOLY DANGER "One Way." NWOBHM 7 inch from VALHALLA "Coming Home" and the lone EP from JESTER "Jester!"
  • Happy end of 2011! We'll see you all again in 2012!

  • Merry Christmas everyone! Here's 5 presents for ya: Full lengths in the classic albums archives from CYANIDE "Sleaze Queen," DARXON "Killed In Action," EASTERN ORBIT "Future Force" and PIERCE "Pierce." The lone 7 inch from U.K.'s own OVERKILL "Elemental."
  • More classic albums to come very soon, from bands like JADE, PALASS, FISC, TAIPAN, KNIGHTMARE, MANIAC, ANTHEM (U.K.), TEMPEST, BLACK ROSE, TEMPERED STEEL and more!

  • Hey! It's 5 new classic albums titles tonite: a 7 inch from MENDES PREY "On To The Borderline," A nice NWOBHM EP from GENGHIS KHAN "Double Dealin'," and full lengths from ACID (GER) "Don't Lose Your Dreams" (which we were excited about finally getting remastered and put up), UNDERDOG "Out In The Night," and FIGHTER "No Pain No Gain."

  • It's been awhile... Classic albums update today, with some real rarities! FOUR full lengths: BAD AXE "Contradiction To The Rule," CHILDZ PLAY "First Toy," DOG SOLDIER "Name Your Poison" and ZENITH (GER) "Prisoner." The lone EP? Italy's OLD YRON "Old Yron."
  • Hopefully we'll get another classic albums update soon. We're trying to finish issue #52 by the year's end!

  • And, as promised on DOOM Radio, the moment many have been awaiting almost an entire year for:
  • ISSUE #51 IS NOW UNLEASHED!! Yes, after a massive 8 month delay, the great issue #51 is finally up, and with many CD reviews and 9 interviews... We're gonna hopefully have another issue before the year's end but THAT'S NOT ALL...
  • A BRAND NEW AUDIO FORMAT HAS ARRIVED! Yes, PLEASE take a moment to listen to the soundfiles for each album reviewed in this issue. I think you'll be pleasantly shocked at how amazing the sound quality is for the songs appearing on albums we've reviewed in issue #51. This is the new audio format for EVERY ISSUE to come in the future... More great stuff happening right here, so stay tuned!

  • Yeah, I know what you're saying: TWO classic albums updates in a month? Are you feeling alright? Well, with issue #51 a mere week or two from release, we decided to crank out FIVE new titles: Two EP's from G.L.A.S. "Audax Vincit" and FAIR WARNING "Love To Rock 'N Roll," and three long players tonite from SINNER "Danger Zone," ARMAGEDDON "The Money Mask," and finally VIVA "Apocalypse." There's been some controversy over Viva's album cover, but rest assured the picture you see of the warriors on horseback in a big city is merely the inner sleeve that holds the record intact! We've verified this, and though the label was different, we decided to use visual proof to keep things as close to the original as possible... More classics soon!

  • All you classic albums lovers, FIVE new titles today. Three full lengths, NEON NIGHT "Neon Night," BLACK ANGELS "Kickdown" and OUTSIDE "Never In Security." Two 7 inch titles, both from Scandinavia of all places! ZONE ZERO from Sweden with "Win Or Die," and one of the rarest around, from Finland!! HELLION NOISE "Devil's Daughter." Got more to come soon, enjoy!

  • We added five new classic titles tonight. The lone EP comes from MAINEEAXE "The Hour Of Thunder." Likewise, the lone 7 inch tonite comes from Sweden's ARROW "The Only Way." Full lengths from the mighty PESTILENCE "Malleus Maleficarum," WASTED YOUTH "Black Daze" and discover the earliest hard rock leanings of one of Germany's first ever metal bands: VIVA "Born To Rock." Enjoy!

  • And it's time to expand your metal 80's catalog with 5 new titles tonight... ZENITH "Heavy Heart," CHINA WHITE "Heavy Metal Thunder," RAIN "The Rain Is Coming," HITCHHIKE "Tequila!" and NORTHWIND'S "Northcomin'." Enjoy!! Many more titles to come VERY soon...
FRIDAY, MAY 20TH, 2011

  • FIVE new titles in the classic albums section tonight... Full lengths from U8 "The Shaber," LUNAR SEX "Lunar Sex" and a rare one from Italy GOW "Mr. Tippel." The EP's are even rarer, AQUILA "Time's There" and METALIS "Metalis." MORE to come, and we're gonna try and make updates more frequently in the classic albums archives, well, once we get crackin' on issue #51!!

  • ADDED FIVE NEW TITLES TODAY! Yes, it's been a few months, but tonite we have the EP from Motorhead guitarist: WURZEL "Bess." A 7 inch from E.F. BAND "Self Made Suicide" going back to 1979! Long players from the U.S. band CHARIOT "Step Into Light," F.B. BASTARD "Bastards Never Die" and the HARDWARE album "Common Time Heroes." More to come soon!
  • As you already noticed, we have been re-encoding the classic albums section in a higher bitrate for RealAudio. We ALSO have been replacing covers that looked crappy, like for example the Silver Mountain cover, the Sad Iron cover, the Sacrifice cover for "On The Altar Of Rock," etc. We're going to be checking over everything as we go along, and many titles are going to be re-remastered for a second time. Albums that we haven't added yet are either going to be reworked for a better and stronger sound or haven't been gotten to yet. Be patient, as it is a MASSIVE work in process to re-encode and check almost 1400 albums!
  • A new set of classic albums will arrive soon... Be patient! We also have our 51st issue of the magazine to put out!

  • MASSIVE changes to the site today! We replaced a few things: the links page is gone, since many of the links were old and outdated. We also got rid of the lyrics section, since you can go to many other places for these lyrics. However, that being said. You'll notice some new shockwave banners on the site! We've updated the title logo, the DOOM Radio page, and the menu buttons are all grouped in one place! We will still keep the current issue on the front page so you know what bands were interviewed and what number we're on, but most everything else stays the same... It was time to make the site look a bit better and more professional.... Hope you like it! PLEASE let us know what you think!
  • We are now selling banner ad space on the site. It works out to $150 for 6 months for a banner ad ($25 a month), and the big thing here is we will change out your ads for you as frequently as once a week! Got a label and want to announce your newest releases from week to week? Are you a band that want to promote your new album, and then later on announce your upcoming world tour? Well, we can do it for ya! By changing out your banner ads, you cna be ensured that your latest notices go out to our worldwide audiences! We also have the capability to create animated banner ads as well... Contact us for details!

  • Shoulda called the previous update Monday, since it was late in the evening... Nevertheless, you finally get to hear the new audio codecs for the classic albums section. Updated titles are from: AGGRESSA, LYNX, MAINSTREET, NAGAZAKI, R.A.F., STEEL VENGEANCE, VICTIM, WHITE WITCH, and VULCAN. MUCH more to come, though subsequent updates won't list each and every title... Remember, look for the ISDN following the album title!! PLEASE email us and let us know how you like the new audio format...

  • *NEW!* A NEW SOUND FORMAT IS COMING SOON!! That's right folks, as promised, the classic albums archives will be going through a massive overhaul! We are upgrading the RealAudio codecs for EVERY SINGLE TITLE in the classic albums section... We recently were granted upgrades to server space AND bandwidth, and now will offer what we have told you about previously. When you see "ISDN" by an album's title, it means that it has been upgraded to the new audio codecs... This will take time to complete, so PLEASE be patient... Expect a classic albums update very soon WITH THE NEW AUDIO CODECS in place!
  • One thing I didn't make clear. We were planning on doing the classic albums in 5.0 RealAudio like the soundfiles... ALL soundfiles AND classic albums archives will be upgraded, but not to RealAudio 5.0. This is a much higher bitrate that is for an ISDN preset. (Thus, the "ISDN" prefix before albums converted to this format). We're working on getting a few titles set up quickly so you can judge for yourself how much better this format really is!

  • Some of you may have noticed a little downtime this past weekend. To keep this from being a long winded post, we thought we were going to be unable to keep Vibrations Of Doom going this year... Suffice it to say the support and help we received from all around the world was absolutely astounding, a few of you even offering to pay completely the yearly fees!! Check out our facebook page for more details on what happened, and needless to say we're back stronger than ever and I can't thank enough the well wishers and supporters who emailed me from Italy, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, The U.S. and many other countries worldwide! We got donations in U.S. dollars, Euros and even Swedish Kronas! We've got a TON of updates and plans for the site, so you will probably see massive updates to the site in 2011... Thank you once again from the bottom of my steel heart...

  • An early Valentine's day present... Okay, 5 new titles to the classic albums this morning: AGGRESSA "Nuclear Death," MAINSTREET'S second title "Deadly Games At Night," NAGAZAKI "You Can Be" 7 inch, LYNX "Caught In The Trap," and a very rare title from U.S. based band R.A.F. "Hammered To The Wall." Ignore the fact that the front cover for this one says "Hammer To The Wall," We've seen the actual vinyl and cassette covers and printing on the album itself, it's a typo... :) Injoieee!

  • Added 5 new classic albums titles tonite... BLACK ANGELS "Black And White," CAPHARNAUM "Capharnaum," HELLS BELLES "Hells Belles," an EP from WHITE WITCH "Hell Is Doomed," and a very rare NWOBHM 7 inch from FLIGHT 77 "Looking For The Aliens." Lotta moe to come soon!

  • First classic albums update of 2011!! 5 new ones, starting with APOSTLE "White Metal," the lone 7 inch from DEPZON "Flying On The Sundown," killer thrash from LEVIAETHAN "Smile," STEEL VENGEANCE'S 4th and last full length "Never Lettin' Go," and VICTIM'S lesser known release "DMN."
  • More to come VERY soon, as we're actively cleaning a bunch of titles. Coming up soon, expect stuff from Fighter, Lunar Sex, Sinner, Fisc, FB Bastard, Hells Belles, E.F. Band, Hardware, Black Angels, Acid Storm, Eastern Orbit, Fair Warning, Flight 77, China White, Chariot (U.S.), Capharnaum, Pestilence, Lynx, Aggressa, Antitese, Wise Man, and so much more!!

  • Merry fuckin' christmas to one and all!! It's been about a 5 or 6 month wait, but finally I can unleash my greatest christmas present to the world:
  • ISSUE #50 FINALLY RELEASED!! Yes, folks, our dynamic, kick ass 50th issue, one of our biggest yet, is up and running! Also the soundfiles for this issue are up as well, so PLEASE go check out this labor of love! And fitting that our 50th issue is released on Christmas day! Damn, we're fuggin' happy about this one and it shows. GREAT interviews too... GO READ!! AND LISTEN!!!

  • FIVE new classic albums tonite: BRUTAL OBSCENITY "It's Because Of The Birds And The Flowers," ELECTRIC EELS "Electric Eels," HIGHLAND QUEEN "Living After Midnight," MANDATOR "Perfect Progeny," and WULCAN "Mysterier." Enjoy!!!

  • Added 5 new titles to the classic albums section tonite, starting off with TWO EP's of extreme rarity: CONFESSOR (From New Zealand) "First Sin" and RED MACHETE "Pull The Rope." Longplayers tonite from LEE Z "Primetime," TYTON'S second and final album "Mind Over Metal," and finally JESTERS OF DESTINY "Fun At The Funeral... Enjoy!
  • We are considering a change to the classic albums section. We are considering redoing ALL the classic albums in RealAudio 5.0 sound. Just to give an info of filesizes, we did a few songs from TYTON "Mind Over Metal" in 5.0 format. Here's what we saw:

    Arcadian - 3:29 in length. FILESIZE: RealAudio 3.0 - 515k / RealAudio 5.0 - 819k
    Mind Over Metal - 5:09 in length. FILESIZE: RealAudio 3.0 - 757k / RealAudio 5.0 - 1206k
    Musical Maze - 3:51 in length. FILESIZE: RealAudio 3.0 - 567k / RealAudio 5.0 - 903k
    The Valiant - 4:11 in length. FILESIZE: RealAudio 3.0 - 618k / RealAudio 5.0 - 983k
    Will You Follow - 4:57 in length. FILESIZE: RealAudio 3.0 - 730k / RealAudio 5.0 - 1162k

    As you can see from the filesizes, each song stepped up to 5.0 sees a small size increase that usually a bit over half of the original 3.0's filesize, depending of course on the song's duration. In other words, it's not a significant filesize increase like we originally thought. Since we still haven't used up much of the original 20 gig server space we were given, we are seriously considering this new feature. The songs for each CD reviewed are already in 5.0 format, so it just makes sense to have ALL music encoded at this bitrate. More info as it becomes available.
  • PLEASE consider emailing us if you think this is a good idea...

  • Added 5 new rare titles! EMPIRE SAINT "Broken Dreams," KIDD GLOVES "Feel The Fire," MEANSTREAK "Roadkill," STEEL VENGEANCE "Prisoners," and WASTED "Halloween... The Night Of." Enjoy!

  • There's a new section of the website, updated on both the classic albums page and the front page of the website. It's called, quite simply, "You Owe Me!" It's not an arrogant writing or anything like that, but I got the idea from a Preacher out in California I learned about who actually brought a blackboard and set it up in front of his congregation. His attitude was that he was actively teaching and giving out knowledge to his parishioners, and as a result they walked away with more knowledge than just a lecture. I have seen a lot of myself in this attitude of his, where he says that if you walk away learning something or getting a lot of enjoyment out of what he does then you owe him money. Hopefully people understand the position I take with this, and it will help attract the right kind of success for me.
  • I am also actively working towards getting DOOM Radio over to a Satellite radio format. I have sent letters to two of the big satellite radio companies, but as of yet have heard nothing. If you have ANY ideas as to how I can make this happen, including the area where I make some money doing this, I am all ears... I'm working towards this goal, and hope to have it activated soon....

  • Besides the usual Sunday radio show, there's FINALLY a classic albums update! 5 new ones today:
  • Short ones from ASYLUM "Nowhere Fast," CRUCIFIXION "The Fox," and TRIPLE FORTE "Triple Forte." Two longplayers, first up VICTIM "Power Hungry," and a somewhat controversial one (is it NWOBHM or female fronted hard/soft rock?) RUNESTAFF "Runestaff." The Encyclopedia Metallium doesn't list Runestaff anymore, so I guess it's up to you to decide if this album has any NWOBHM or metal leanings... Besides being on Heavy Metal Records. More to come soon!

  • O yeah, one other thing. I finally got rid of the chatbox. It was a nice idea, but no one seemed to be using it, and I couldn't ever get it registered properly.. I'd still like to have a chat room, but I don't really ever seem to have the time to be on it...
  • ISSUE #49 FINALLY RELEASED!! Hey, at least it's not a year late! We've got one album's soundfiles to add (more than likely done by the time you read this), but everything else is 100% verified and working!! Now it's time to clean some vinyl!!
  • We replaced all the links for the RealAlternative section of the codec guide... The links are now accurate and working (in case you can't get default versions of the RealPlayer initialized).
  • Yeah, yeah I know, no updates for three months!! However, this one is worthwhile for ya... There will be no radio show today, since we have JUST put up the soundfiles for issue #49!!! We are going to release the magazine later on today after finalizing an interview and polishing off a few other things!! Look for that later on this afternoon/evening!! In the meantime, go listen to the soundfiles!!!

  • We've added a chat box to the main page... You know, the one very few of you ever visit? Okay, just kidding... But seriously, I'll be off and on periodically; if you don't see me on there drop me an email or something. If this works out I may move it to other areas as well, but since my html skills suck, I don't want to clutter up endless pages of the site... Lemme know what you think!

  • Still sitting at home with a cut thumb, I put up some classics for ya, in fact 5 today! Longplayers from ECLIPSE OF THE SUN "Real Rock 'N' Roller" (One of the only 80's metal bands I know of from Croatia!), HATRIK "The Beast," and KILLER (BEL) "Shock Waves." A 4 track EP from SILENT LISTENER "Veterans Of The Fight," and a NWOBHM 7 inch from JODEY "The Rocker," which is dedicated to my baby Jodi, who just so happens to really BE a rocker!! (Well, more on the death metal side anyway, but all is good!)

  • And greetings to the new year! Yeah, I know it's a little late into 2010... ANYWAY: Here's new classics for ya: Longplayers from AREA "Twilight" (AWESOME record), DEATH SS "Black Mass," and TYTON "Castle Donnington." NWOBHM 7 inch from U.K.'s OVERDRIVE "On The Run" and a very rare EP from a Swedish band known as VANGUARD "V." MUCH more to come very soon, including the release of issue #49...

  • Added some REALLY rare stuff to the classic albums section tonite: First up, HIGHLAND QUEEN "Call Of The Hell," JERSEY DOGS "Don't Worry, Get Angry!" (I remember this title was one I reviewed for my friend Robert's "The Underworld" fanzine so many years ago!), and SAINT "Time's End."
  • The last two titles are among the rarest titles ever: First from Ireland (one that took quite a few years to track down): KILLER WATT "Death E.P." This title was WELL worth the wait! Finally, from Australia, CHARLEY BROWNE "Power Palace," easily a 300 dollar album!!! Dunno music wise if it's WORTH that much, but it's here for you to judge... Enjoy!

  • (pant, pant... wheeze!!) WHEW!! Today we actually recounted ALL the titles in the classic albums section... We were off by 15 titles!! DOH!! So every half a year or so, we'll be counting the number of titles to make sure our numerics are correct! (Incidentally, if you want to go behind us and take on this monumental task, be my guest... My math, after all, could be wrong...)
  • Oh yeah, some titles will be going up soon! Wanna know what's coming? Here ya go: CHARLEY BROWNE "Power Palace," KIDD GLOVES "Feel The Fire," AREA "Twilight," TYTON "Castle Donington" & "Mind Over Metal," KILLERWATT "Death E.P.," CONFESSOR "First Sin," HATRIK "The Beast," EASTERN ORBIT "Future Force," RED MACHETE "Pull The Rope," STEEL VENGEANCE "Never Lettin' Go" & "Prisoners," DEATH S.S. "Black Mass," SILENT LISTENER "Veterans Of The Fight," CRUCIFIXION "The Fox," SAINT "Time's End," JERSEY DOGS "Don't Worry, Get Angry!," KILLER "Shock Waves," RUNESTAFF "Runestaff," HIGHLAND QUEEN "Call Of The Hell" & "Living After Midnight," JESTERS OF DESTINY "Fun At The Funeral," OVERDRIVE (U.K.) "On The Run," TRIPLE FORTE "Triple Forte," JODEY "The Rocker," ECLIPSE OF THE SUN "Real Rock 'N' Roller," ASYLUM "Nowhere Fast..." And THAT is just the stuff that we RECENTLY cleaned!!! Lotta updates, stick around for the details...
  • Oh yeah, and DON'T FORGET TO DONATE!!! We're contacting more bands to participate in the "profit sharing," so to speak, so now is the time...

  • Added 5 new classics tonite: AFTER DARK "Deathbringer," ETHEL THE FROG "Ethel The Frog," FIL DI FERRO "Fil Di Ferro," MANIMALS "Blood Is The Harvest," and OVERKILL "Triumph Of The Will." SO many more titles to come soon...
  • PLEASE check out our ebay auctions... We're having extreme financial difficulties, so I had to put up some older and rare stuff that I bought back in the day... And we're still doing donations, so if you wanna help us (and the bands) out, then check out the "How to get 80's titles on CD" on the homepage... Bands gits paid, we gits paid! And you get a radio show for free every week and more classic albums to listen to than ever before...

  • We've got some stuff up on ebay... Mostly CD's from older labels and stuff I bought years ago that I no longer need... We're in financial difficulties, so please feel free to help us out! Thanks...
  • As a side note, we've gotten more bands to participate in the MP3 system. These bands are: BLACK SHEPHERD, BLACK TASK, EVIL, FIRST STRIKE and GALLOWS POLE... Support these bands, and support us!!

  • For those who haven't noticed yet, we've joined the RealAudio webring... It's that little box right before the (almost) useless webcounter!! Yay... Not sure how good this is gonna be, but it seemed like a good idea at the time...
  • We are getting ready to put into place a NEW donation system, this time ensuring that participating bands GET PAID!! SO... The donation system HAS CHANGED, and these changes will be reflected in the "How to get 80's metal CD's" in the homepage. It basically sums up to a per-title rate, and monies will be set aside for bands. So far, a few bands have agreed to be a part of this, and these bands (so far) are as follows: DEEP SWITCH, AVENGER (U.K.), BLACK ANGELS (NOR), and DEALER. It's looking so far like full length titles will be $7 a piece, with EP's and 7 inches going for $3.50. Bands will be getting their cut, and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. This is NOT an alternative to buying the band's original product, rather a means to curb some of the bootlegging and ensuring that these original recordings are still generating money for the bands! SO, when you support the donation system HERE, the bands also get a part of this! These are not digital downloads as of yet; we're still doing the burning to CD of titles, though in the future we're looking at setting up an online service like Itunes, Napster and the like (though, we DO accept paypal!)

  • It's been quite awhile, but there's 5 new classic titles up. BURNT FASE "Nature Gone Mad," CIRITH UNGOL "King Of The Dead," SPEED LIMIT "Prophecy," DESTROYER (U.S.) "Black Angels," and an ultra rare title in the form of ROK BERGADE "The Attack Is On." More to come soon...
  • We are looking for ways to make some cold, hard cash off the website, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. The email address is: vibrationsofdoom@hotmail.com... We have considered setting up downloads for the albums via downloadable MP3's, though a script would have to be worked on, with money set aside for the bands in question. Any help on this is appreciated, as I recently lost my job and am looking for ways to gain some income!

  • Since the WREKage crew are all tied up for the next two weeks, we took the opportunity to COMPLETELY finish all aspects of issue #48... SO... All soundfiles for this particular issue are up and have been checked... Now you can listen to what we've been reviewing... Thanks for the patience!!
  • As a side note, we realize that we haven't worked much with the classic albums section... Now that issue #48 is done, we plan on trying to do just that. Here's a few titles that we're working on...
  • KILLERWATT "Death E.P.," MASS "Slaughterhouse," CHARLEY BROWNE "Power Palace," JIM JONES AND THE KOOL-AID KIDS "Trust Me," BLACK ALICE "Sons Of Steel," BELLZLLEB "Bellzlleb," AREA "Twilight," CONFESSOR "First Sin," HARDWARE "Common Time Heroes," MALACHIA "Under The Blade," ROK BERGADE "The Attack Is On," SABRE "On The Prowl," RUNESTAFF "Runestaff," STEEL VENGEANCE "Never Lettin' Go," VICTIM "D.M.N.," RED COAST "Bad Boys To Rock," MOURNBLADE "Time's Running Out," KAOS "Agent Killers," HELLS BELLES "Hells Belles," EASTERN ORBIT "Future Force," BEDLAM "The Beauties And The Beast" and SO MUCH MORE!!! SO stay tuned!

  • FINALLY! After almost a year's delay, we can proudly say...
  • ISSUE #48 IS FINALLY RELEASED!!!! We are hopefully going to do a WREKage appearance tonight, so the soundfiles page WON'T be updated until tomorrow... For now, enjoy reading the interviews and reviews, and look for the soundfiles page to be updated before the weekend's end... Thanks to all who waited patiently...

  • Wow, two site updates in one day! The radio show, DOOM Radio, is online... Of course. Since it's Sunday and all...
  • FIVE new classic albums in the classic albums section! FOUR longplayers today: PICTURE "Every Story Needs Another Picture," MAD MAX "Stormchild," HARTER ATTACK "Human Hell" and FIL DI FERRO "Hurricanes." The lone 7 inch title is from EXPOZER "Expozed At Last." We haven't forgotten about 80's metal! Lots more to come soon!

  • As of today, we are no longer making any kind of audio CD's (be it natural format or MP3). We are still accepting donations to help keep the site running, and hopefully this summer we plan on offering REAL merchandise for the magazine that can legally be sold. We are hopefully going to start Vibrations Of Doom Records by the year's end, so that many of these titles can be reissued LEGALLY, hopefully with some money set aside to go to the artist(s) in question. As I said, if you want to send donations, we will gladly accept them. Just know that we are no longer making these available on compilation CD's or otherwise. We are still honoring donations sent before today's date, but after this no more.

  • Many people have complained that they cannot play RealAudio files, even with the older version installed. Try the version 8 player, but if that doesn't work, there seems to be a solution (which is now written up on BOTH the soundfiles page AND the classic albums section. It's called Real Alternative, and it seems to work for me so far, considering I had to reinstall windows and was getting the same problems as everyone else. You'll find the codecs bundle with Windows Media Player classic, and it's not as fast to load up the files, but it works... A better solution might be to install an older RealPlayer AFTER installing the RealAlternative, since RealAlternative seems to put in the correct codecs. (I recommend getting the RealPlayer 8 as it works to stream Real Audio files properly)...

  • WOW, I can't believe no one noticed this! We've had the WRONG ISSUE up on the page for awhile now! Somehow the newest issue got switched with the previous issue, so the last two issues were issue #46 and #46 instead of #46 and #47! All has been corrected, however it will be changing once again (hopefully) by the end of April (I.E. Issue #48 should be out by April's end.) Sorry about that; wierd that no one noticed!

  • Anotha five titles for ya tonight! First up, long players from LADY SABRE "Enchanted" (REALLY long playing one is this!), SPECIAL FORCES "Special Forces," and NIB "None Is Back... But Us!" EP's from DARK HAZE "Five Years" and BLACK ROSE "Nightmare." We gots lots more, so stick around!

  • Happy freakin' noo yeah! First classic albums update for 2009: ALIEN "Cosmic Fantasy," CHILDHOOD'S END "Childhood's End," KILLER "Ladykiller," MORTOX "Stormbells," and PICTURE "Heavy Metal Ears." Enjoy, for there's many more titles to come very soon for tha '09!
  • Titles from bands like Lady Sabre, Fil Di Ferro, Ethel The Frog, Brutal Obscenity, Burnt Fase, Impulse Manslaughter, Harter Attack, N.I.B., Depzon, Dark Haze, Manimals, Expozer, Special Forces, Speed Limit, and the mighty DEATH S.S.!
  • Keep listening to the weekly broadast of DOOM RADIO to hear what many of these classics sound like in nice, MP3 audio! The first broadcast of 2009 premiers on January 18th, SO BE THERE!!!

  • As we get ready to close out 2008, I want to remind everyone about DOOM RADIO, our weekly 2 hour broadcast! Just in case you weren't aware of it's existence. For those of you who ARE, please enjoy our last broadcast of 2008, and also note that we said in the end of the show, there will be NO SHOWS for the first two weeks of 2009 as we get ready for the next issue of the magazine and also hopefully prepare a few new surprises. Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the last 2 and a half years now! See you all in 2009 with some classic albums updates and a new radio show to be unleashed on January 17th!

  • Added 5 new ones to the classic albums section. I thought Hell had the longest album title, but that now goes to DIRTY DAMAGE "It's Amazing How Stupid Some People Can Sometimes Be." Other full length albums from ELEKTRADRIVE "Due" and REBEL "Stargazer." Two 7 inch titles from Sweden's BLACKSMITH "Tomorrows Mystery" and U.K.'s SEVENTH SON "Man In The Street." We're always working more titles!! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, by the way...

  • And now it's time for the longest titles update to the classic albums section. And the winner, hands down, is HELL "Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us" NWOBHM 7 inch. Runner up is the full length from the band NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE "National Napalm Syndicate." Another NWOBHM 7 inch from PROWLER "Forgotten Angels." Full lengths by MASSIVE APPENDAGE "The Severed Erection" (ewww!), and KARRIER "Way Beyond The Night," which was one of the most difficult titles for me to find! More to come soon!

  • Hey, hey, kids! Time for 5 moe classics!! BLACK ANGELS "Hellmachine" and SHOGUN "Shogun" are the longplayers, we have two 7 inches too, one from NWOBHM band ENERGY "Conquer The World" and U.S. band CZAR "Iron Curtain." Finally, though called a full length, it's kinda more like an extended EP: DISABUSE "Sorrow And Perdition." Hey, those vocals remind me a lot of black metal style! Disabuse... Quite sick... :) Enjoy!

  • After more months of delays (like what 4 or 5?) It is finally unleashed...
  • ISSUE #47 IS FINALLY RELEASED!! Wow, what a delay! But it's done and all the respective soundfiles for this issue have been checked and verified error free! SO: there's lots of bands for you to listen to!
  • Classic albums update to come very soon....

  • Added 5 new classics tonight, so we're over the 1300 titles mark!!! EP's from ROADRUNNER "Teenage Warcry" and MAINSTREET "Black Dream." Full lengths tonite from IRON CROSS "Church And State," HIGHWAY CHILE'S Def Leppard wannabe album "Rockarama," and one of the oldest titles around: GRANMAX "Kiss Heaven Goodbye" from 1978?!?? Okie, more to come soon!!

  • How about 5 new classics tonite? First off, ELEKTRADRIVE "...Over The Space," CLAVION "Beyond The Frontier," a NWOBHM 7 inch from SEVENTH SON "Metal To The Moon," and a title that took me a LOOONG time to track down: BLACKSMITH (SWE) "Gipsy Queen!"
  • Last but not least, this longplayer is from the 80's metal band DISTURBED... NOT the alternative wannabe metal band playing today. "Disturbing The Peace" is the album, and it's dedicated to the guitarist and founder of Root Of All Evil Records, one Earl J. Root who recently passed away. He had great guitar skills, and it's time we remember an 80's metal legend.

  • Added 5 new classics tonight!! Long players from IMPACT "The Flag," OVERDOSE "To The Top," and a title I have been searching for a looong time: METAL MESSIAH "Honour Among Thieves." 7 inch NWOBHM titles from REQUIEM "Angel Of Sin," and the LAST entry in the crowded band name sweepstakes for WARRIOR (U.K.3) "Breakout." Enjoy!

  • While we're whittling away at getting issue #47 completed, we added 5 newbies to the classic albums section! YAY! First up, EP's by BARBARIAN "Barbarian" and DAMIEN "Words." Full lengths up from L.A. "L.A.," APOSTLE "Chariots Of Iron," and one many have asked me for, HIGHWAY CHILE "Storybook Heroes." And yes, we have their "Rockarama" full length as well!!! YAY...

  • Effective immediately, there are some changes to the way the donation system is handled. SO MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERYTHING PROPELY!! Due to the legality of the project in question, it's time to make things a bit clearer and a bit less troublesome for all involved. Starting now, EVERYONE WHO SENDS A DONATION IS REQUIRED TO SIGN A STATEMENT SAYING THEY OWN THE RECORDINGS IN QUESTION. This is mainly meant to be an archival backup service, since many of the original recordings are in such poor shape that they needed extensive remastering. And in many cases, the newly remastered versions are in every way superior to their aged counterparts. Plus, the donations mainly cover the hundreds of hours I spent cleaning and restoring the works. As always, you were never purchasing anything. This covers many ends, and until a better system is worked out, this is the only thing I can do. I am considering starting a record label, mainly so I can see the members of these bands that are still around get paid. Many small labels never gave the artists one thin dime. That is indeed a travesty, one that maybe I can someday correct. Any suggestions or helpful hints on this matter are appreciated.

  • Added 5 newbies to the classic albums section... CZAKAN "State Of Confusion," WAGES OF SIN "Wages Of Sin," and MOURNBLADE "Live Fast, Die Young" are the full lengths, while we have a NWOBHM 7 inch with INFLUENCE "No Survivors." And lastly, an interesting piece of American music history: SNOW "Snow" EP. What's so interesting about SNOW? Three former members of the band Snow were also seen in Quiet Riot!! No lie... :O
  • Hopefully everyone enjoyed the 100th episode of Doom Radio. If you didn't check it out, GO DO SO!!! This episode featured nothing but classic 80's metal in the second hour of the show (P.S. It's a good way to hear what these titles TRULY sound like in all their remastered glory!)

  • How time flies! Summer heat brings 5 sizzlin' new titles to the classic albums section: ALIEN FORCE "Pain And Pleasure," BLACK ONYX "Armageddon Skies," DEEP THROAT "The Devil In Miss Jones," HORSE LONDON "Diesel Power," and REVENGE "Hot Zone." Don't forget to listen to DOOM Radio this Sunday to hear some of these titles as they really sound, complete with remastering and click 'n' pop removin'!!!! Injoeeeey!
FRIDAY, MAY 30TH, 2008

  • Five new ones for the classic albums section! That's three updates in one month!! Who would believe it? Anyway, EP's from STEEL AGAINST STEEL "From Factory To History" and WAXWING "Appetizer." Full lengths from INCINERATOR "Uh!?!," MURO "Mutant Hunter," and NORDEN LIGHT "Shadows From The Wilderness." NORDEN LIGHT features the SILVER MOUNTAIN vocalist who sang on their "Universe" album, and is a LOT heavier than most people give it credit for, despite being lumped into the melodic rock/AOR category. Listen and see for yourself! This should be in the Encyclopedia Metallum archives if you ask me.... More to come soon.
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