Classic Albums, what the world has been waiting to hear!
Classic Albums!

This page is dedicated to the classic, rare and out of print metal albums of the 80's. This site is entirely hosted by IX Webhosting, who has been gracious enough to give us lots of space for this project. All soundfiles of course are meant to be listenable only. Having trouble with the RealAudio files? Try installing this: Real Alternative Codec Pack. THEN try one of the older RealPlayers (I use the RealPlayer Version 8.) here: RealPlayer software archives.

The classic albums section will be MASSIVELY overhauled in the next few weeks and months. ALL updates will be done with the new higher quality codec. When you see "ISDN" by a title, it means it has been converted to the new audio format... This will take some time for all the albums presented, so PLEASE be patient.

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  • 05/13/17 - AGENT ORANGE "Coming Down Just For You," EVERSOR "The Cataclysm," FORTUNER "Two Sides Of The Metal," NO BROS "Calvary Of Evil," RED COAST "Bad Boys To Rock"
  • 03/29/17 - BLACK SPOT "Flaps Down," IRONCHRIST "Ironchrist," MAMMOTH "Mammoth," PARADOX "Reel Life," ZWANZIGER "Studied To Be Civilized"
  • 10/11/16 - ANGEL WITCH "Angel Witch," CHALICE "Take It Away," JEWEL (JAP) "For Heavy Metal Fans Only!," TYRANT (N.Z.) "Breaking Out," WILD CAT "Love Attack"
  • 06/05/16 - BASHFUL "Bashful," HARLET "Virgin Wings," MEDIEVAL "Medieval Kills!," ROC LOCHNER "Roc Lochner," VITRIOL "The Beginning"
  • 04/14/16 - AURORA "I'll Be Your Fantasy," JACKIE WULF "Metal Wings," PHERNALIA "Right To Life," STILLBORN "Necrospirituals," WYNCH "Bad Manners"
  • 01/14/16 - BURN "Still Going... Wrong!," DOMAIN "Sanctuary," FIRST OFFENCE "First Offence," HOLY TERROR "Mind Wars," TORSTEN "King Of The Nest"
  • 10/20/15 - ANESTHESIA "Eight Balls," OUTRAGE "Black Clouds," PRIMAL SCREAM "Volume One," RESTLESS "We Rock The Nation," WOLF (JAP) "Wolf"